Delyan’s case (in English)

Delyan Mitrev is a survivor under extreme conditions. He has lost all of his intestines. This is not unheard of – patients like that exist all over the world. They receive all the food and water they need intravenously (this is called total parenteral nutrition) as they wait for their intestinal transplant.

What is unheard of is that Delyan and his family work day and night to pay for the parenteral nutrition, due to a brutal intervention of the Bulgarian health system: a certain clerk changed a certain procedure to make it legally impossible patients like Delyan to receive their treatment.

Imagine you are a father of a 7-year old kid. One day you wake up with pain in the abdomen; three weeks and three surgeries later, you are in a state where you cannot eat and you cannot drink. You are now 24/7 on intravenous infusions.

Then they tell you that you have to pay on your own 3500 leva (1800 euro) a month for these infusions or you will die of hunger.

Then they tell you no, neither the Bulgarian health system nor the Bulgarian social system will pay for portative pump and backpack that will allow you to walk outside and enjoy the sun with your son. We don’t have procedures for you. You are a freak. Stay in your prison-home locked to your stand!

It’s outrageous, isn’t it?

Now imagine this continues for 16 months!

We are currently leading a war against the Bulgarian health system. This will not continue for more than two months. Meanwhile, please help Delyan: he needs 1800 euro a month for his infusions and 1100 euro for the pump and backpack.

You can check all documents on the web-site we made for Delyan:

You can help here:

Delyan Mitrev

This is a charity account and the funds on it can be spend for the medical needs of Delyan only, under the control of the bank.